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i hate to do this....re: my party

Gotta love Microsoft...
if you're reading this list on a Windows NT/2000/XP box
Do not click the f#(&ing attachment that has "my party" pictures....

somebody on the list launched the attachment on the original message, which used SMTP on their NT/2000/XP box to deliver copies of the message (and attachment) to everyone on their address book including deb-sparc mailing list.  the attachment had a .com extension, but it was .com the dos/win application type, not a .com URL.  their MS Exhange mail server's AV software or someone else's intercepted the affected attachment and did a Reply-All auto-response (which includes the list).  here's the Network Associates / McAfee website with more info on this specific Windows NT/2000/XP ONLY non-malicious, but annoying, virus.


I've gotten it sent to me at least 10 times today, and i even forwarded it to abuse@yahoo.com before i read up on it...like an idiot...but at least i didn't open it.
it might bounce around the list a couple of days, but i doubt it...

Lars Hall
"...Now what's 'it' seems weird and strange...It'll happen to you too."  -- Abraham Simpson

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