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Why can't boot from network

--- Tim Kent <Tim.Kent@centrixsystems.com.au> wrote:
> You can get a pin out on the 'net to make a Sun to
> DB25 cable, then hook your IPX up to a serial
> terminal, and it will become the system console.
I've got a null modem cable connected my Pentium75 PC
to the SPARC IPX, and I run minicom on Redhat 7.1 in
my PC, I send Ctrl+A F got into PROM console.

> You can always net boot your IPX with trivial FTP
> and reverse ARP, If you need a hand with this let me
> know.
> Tim
I installed rarpd, arp, tftpd, bootparamd using rpm
today on Redhat 7.1.
I created a /etc/ethers which contains:
sparc 08:00:20:1a:2b:3c
I added a line in /etc/hosts, which is: sparc
I started rarpd by rarpd -a
I also issued command arp -f  to make sure it reads
Then I issued arp command, it displays:
Address  HWtpe  HWaddress          Flags  Mask   Iface
sparc    ether  08:00:20:1a:2b:3c  CM            eth1

Now I boot my sparc IPX and enter serial console, and
issue command:
ok boot net

BUT, I got 
Boot Device:  /sbus/le@0,c00000   File and args:
Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet

I spend a whole day tried to find out what wrong it
is, and read  lots of documents in the internet, but I
can't find out the problem,

Please give a hand to help me out.

Thanks a lot.


> >>> Gavinux Li <linux4sparc@yahoo.com> 01/08/02
> 10:11AM >>>
> Hi, all,
> I am a newcomer to this mailing list.
> I got a sparc IPX recently, it has 48M memory, a
> harddisk, a floopy, a 10BaseT network interface,
> without keyboard, without monitor, without mouse.
> I want to install debian-linux on this IPX, How can
> I
> do it?
> I have a Pentium 75 with SCSI interface, maybe it
> will
> help to install linux.
> Anyone who can drop me a line of how to install it
> will be very appreciated!
> It is a big challange for me to do it without
> keyboard, monitor, CDROM.   :-(
> Thanks.
> Gavin

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