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Re: how to enter boot prompt for PC's Hyperterminal?

Gavinux Li <linux4sparc@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I connect to SPARC IPX by reading
> http://www.ultralinux.org/faq.html#q_5_1 
> 23. How can I connect a machine for an installation
> via a serial cable ?

I thought you were able to view the console..  Didn't you post a boot log
in your previous message?

And what's with all of these slashes (///) in your messages?  Is that some
weird form of quoting?

> Essentially, if there is no keyboard plugged in when
> the Sun has booted, it will use the serial interface
> (port A), By default it is set to 9600bps 8,n,1 
> //// What kind of cable should I use. I made the
> conection to PC serial port and use HyperTerminal on
> PC, the cable I made is:
> SPARC Port A             PC COM2
>        RXD                 TXD
>        TXD                 RXD
>        GND                 GND
> Is this the right one?///

null-modem cables are a bit more complicated than that, though I must admit
I've never tried just using those three wires.  Cyclades has a document on
cabling [http://www.cyclades.com/solutions/techtalk/techtalk15.php], though
I guess it looks like IPXs use 8 pin mini-din connectors, and I don't know
how to wire those..  I'm sure there's some stuff floating around on the

> /// If I use minicom in PC-Linux, Which keys should I
> press to simulated STOP A key?///

You can send a break with CTRL-A, then F

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