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Re: gnucash dependancy broken

On Tue, 2001-09-25 at 17:00, mdxi wrote:

> It wants libgtkhtml14 (and claims >= 11.1) but the current version of this 
> package is libgtkhtml15. Based on its claim that anything over version 11 
> was okay, i installed libgtkhtml15 and tried again, but gnucash still 
> refuses to install (same dependancy error message).

well, the version of the package (11.1) differs from the version of the
library.  gnucash wanst libgtkhtml14 package version 11.1 or more. 
libgtkhtml14 will install version 14 of the library.  libgtkhtml15 will
install version 15 of libgtkhtml which has a different abi than 14 and
that is why it is in a different package.  you should be able to install
both libgtkhtml14 and libgtkhtml15 and the loader will pick the correct
library to link your app against at load time.

now why libgtkhtml14 is not available to install I do not know.


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