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Re: Installation Questions

"Del Campo, Damian" wrote:
> Hi, thanks for the explanation. Can I ask another 2 questions,
> 1)
> Is this the same for /target ??
> I installed from floppies last night and it all worked (apart from the fact
> it wouldn't do it from CD hence the floppies), however
>         a) I couldn't make the hard disk bootable

For your Sparc you need to created a "Sun disk label" partition scheme
on your boot disk
(the "s" option in "fdisk", I think?). OpenBoot only understands this
kind of partition scheme. This is why you can't boot from the PROM.

THIS IS FROM MEMORY! (don't take it for gospel - it's been a while)

If I remember, this (the "s" option in "fdisk") will create (by default)
3 partitions sda1 (/), sda2 (make swap) and sda3 (whole of disk - type
5) - This is the easiest way to do it, but it limits your partitions
(you may want to do it this way first). Again, this is the boot disk
only. Any other disk you may have need not have this scheme. 


I think you can create /boot or /root as sda1 then make a second
partition (say /usr or / (if sda1 is /boot) or swap for that matter) as
sda2 and then the whole partition sda3 ("Whole disk"?) (in fdisk "t"
[type] the "5" for Whole disk). Then make the rest of the partitions
(starting from the end cylinder of sda2). Or something like this? I have
done this, but I forgot the details. Sorry.

Sorry, but your hard work may need to be start over (you need to
re-partition your disk and reinstall). But, that's how we learn. You
could not get Debian on that Sparc just three days ago. You have come a
long way (maybe to long to go back ;-)). If you get it right the first
time, you would be some kind of IT god and not human.

Good luck.

I will be unsubscibing today (for the 3rd time). Three times a charm ;-)


>         b) I couldn't make a boot disk (tried multiple times with multiple
> disks).
> I hopped into a shell (in RAM or on floppy I pressume)  while in the install
> only to find that all my mount points (/, /usr, /var, /home, /boot) are all
> in a directory called target, ie. /target/, /target/usr, /target/var etc.
> Is this supposed to happen? or is this just because I was in the shell, ie
> if I'd been able to boot normally, I'd have seen /, /usr, /home as per other
> Linux installations.
> 2)
> Why wouldn't my hard disk have been bootable ?
> During the partitioning stage I made one of the partitions bootable but I
> can't remember which one hence it probably wasn't the /boot.
> How many of the partitions need to be bootable, ie /boot or /boot + / or
> /boot + / + /usr etc.
> If it is just the /boot that needs to be bootable, should the following
> config work ?
>         sda1    20Mb            /boot   *(bootable partition)
>         sda2    800Mb           /
>         sda3    512Mb           <swap>
>         sdb1    800Mb           /usr
>         sdb2    500Mb           /var
>         sdc1    400Mb           /home
> (I've got 2 1.3Gb and one 400Mb drives & numbers are approximate)
> Thanks in advance

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