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Re: fdisk message error

On Wed, 2001-09-12 at 13:18, Roberto Giorgetti wrote:

> Have I to create a /dev/hda3 from 0 to 16706 before? If yes how is
> this possible? I cannot put 0 as "First cylinder" (Value out of
> range). I can only put value equal or greater to 8842 as "First
> cylinder".

well, I would suggest nuking the partition table and created a new sun
label...choosing the defaults for custom will create 1, 2, and 3.  then
you can delete 1 and 2 and make them the correct size for you, maybe
adding part 4.

if you have data on these drives, then you could try to match the
numbers up exactly and try to remount the partitions once you
reconfigure.  I would backup your important stuff before attempting
this, though :)

the r flag means the partition is mountable...not an issue.  you can
turn it off and on using the "c" option in fdisk if you do not like it
there. i don't think it is used under linux.

you can go into expert mode (x) and verify (v) the partition table is ok


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