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Re: Solution (Was: Sparc has slow disk access)

On Wed, 12 Sep 2001 hakubw00@fht-esslingen.de wrote:

> > Sparc/Solaris:  45s
> > Sparc/Linux:    35s   !! (We are really good, aren´t we?)
> > PC/Linux:       61s
> Gratulations
Thanks :).

> time cat smalltebledefinition | psql database -> real    0m0.306s
> time psql -e database < smalltabledefinition  -> real    0m0.295s
> may this 0.009s help you ;-)
In fact, no.  But I try to find a method which keeps my sparc beeing
faster than my PC, because I could have saved a certain amount of money
if the Sun is faster in some dd commands but not in the every day work.
I don´t talk about fractions of seconds.  I´m talking about half a minute
or so.

Kind regards


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