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Re: Solution (Was: Sparc has slow disk access)

> Seems that there were not an optimal bs-default value on Sparc for
> this
> test.  If I set bs explicitely this way I got:
> Sparc/Solaris:  45s
> Sparc/Linux:    35s   !! (We are really good, aren´t we?)
> PC/Linux:       61s


> By the way it would be of course interesting, how to adjust reading
> block size in other applications than dd.  I started testing when I
> recognized that some PostgreSQL tables I created via
>    cat tabledefinition | psql database
> took much more time than on my PC.  Moreover I´m afraid that database
> access is slower if some parts of it do not fit into memory.
> Any hints how to tune that?

time cat smalltebledefinition | psql database -> real    0m0.306s
time psql -e database < smalltabledefinition  -> real    0m0.295s

may this 0.009s help you ;-)

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