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Re: Ftpd

> Paulo Graça Rodrigues wrote:
> Hello!
> I have  a sparc station 5 running Debian Linux, kernel 2.0.35.
> My libc6 version is 2.0.105-2.
> I need a ftpd server to install on that machine (I don't want
> proftpd, just a simple ftpd).
> I've looked in some ftp archives but all ftpd daemons need libc6
> (>=2.1.2).
> Can anyone send me by mail (send to pgr@drealg.min-economia.pt) or
> tell me the URL where I can find ftpd for my libc6 version?
> Many Thanks!
> Pgr.

Proftpd is actually pretty easy to configure, I would install that
from the old archives if I were you.  Alternatively, you could go to
ncftp.org and get their server and build it on your machine.  The
same is true with the source for most packages, you will just have
to build it yourself.


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