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RE: Debian on SPARCstation-5 ?

Title: RE: Debian on SPARCstation-5 ?

Changing your sources.list to woody main and doing the dist-upgrade also works well... Woody works well..


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Subject: Re: Debian on SPARCstation-5 ?

On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 02:33:59PM +0200, Marcel Hicking wrote:
> Hi
> I have a SPARCstation-5 170 Mhz with 256MB of memory
> and I would like to run Debian on it. This is
> going to be a dedicated nameserver-only machine.
> (bind9 with a fairly large number of zones)
> Are there any known issues I'd better check
> before finally deciding to kick the currently
> running NetBSD?
> Could anyone comment on stablenes of such a system?

Use potato, and you wont have any problems. I have a SPARC LX (sun4m,
just like the SS5), and it has gotten 380 and 140 day uptimes
consecurtively (only a power failure interrupted the two uptimes). It
serves as an http/https/ftp server for an internet site. Also runs php
web applications.


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