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Re: printing on a ss4 ?

> On Jul 11, Bostjan Muller illuminated with a virtual pen  :

> I am verry new to sparc architecture, and therefore also to linux on sparc. I
> have set up debian linux 2.2 on a sparcstation 4 and am having one problem - I
> don't know how to set up a printer on it  -I don't even know if printing via
> parallel port is supported on sparc architecture. I saw a parallel port module,
more a question for debian-users.... but still.
parallel support is the same if not better in 2.4 :)
make sure that you have parallel support compiled in your kernel (or as a
module).  or, use a serial printer ;)

apt-get install lprng magicfilter

will get and help you setup local and or remote printers.
or read /usr/share/doc/HOWTO/en-html/Printing-Usage-HOWTO.html
after doing apt-get install doc-linux-html

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