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Format I hing HD.

I have a SparcStation 10.

I am having problems formatting the the hard drive.

I boot from the cd-rom (external).  I then get to the point where it
asks to partition the hard drive.

I remove all existing partitions.

Select S to create a Sun partition. I creates a Linux partition, a Linux
Swap partition, and the Whole Drive Sun partition.

I then delete the 2 linux partitions and create the ones that I need.
Partition 1 - 1 gig for /
Partition 2 - 128 Meg swap
Partition 3 - Whole Disk Sun Partition
Partition 4 - 1/2 of whats left for /usr
Partition 5 - other 1/2 for /home

It formats the swap and root with no problem but as soon as I try to
format either of the last 2 partition I get a "Kernel Panic Free List

Is there something that I have wrong?

I have a SparcStation 20 that I did the same procedure on and it worked

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