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Re: (newbee alert) cant save changes to edited scripts.

On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 10:57:54PM -0400, Greg Teigue wrote:
> reinstalled using *normal* partitioning, ignoring the sparc way.  still has
> the same result, system will boot and run, just mounts root as -ro.  we are
> not amused.  dmesg sez nothing at all about mounting -ro, or i would have
> caught it sooner ( at least i tell myself that).  kern.log reveals that root
> is mounted -ro but does not state a reason or even mention errors.  this
> makes absolutely no sense.  the /var partition is now @ sda3 and it
> mounts -rw.  why does it insist on / being -ro?

Initially / is mounted read-only on boot, and the init script remount it
read-write after an fsck (if needed).

What happens when you do "mount -o remount,rw /" ?

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