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Re: swap / ufs / font

On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 10:33:24PM +0200, Carleos Artime wrote:
> Hi, three questions arisen from my first attempt to install a Debian 
> system on an E-250:
> 1. There is a SunOS 5.7 installed. Is it safe to share the swap 
> partition between Debian and SunOS? i.e. Should I format that partition 
> as "Linux swap" during the install process? (Ultralinux FAQ says YES, 
> but I'd calm if someone confirms!)


> 2. How reliable is at present the Linux kernel UFS read/write support? 
> Can I share the "/export/home - /home" partition? (again, Ultralinux FAQ 
> states there's no problem, but I've seen several warnings elsewhere)

I wouldn't suggest it. Write support for me was less than stable.

> 3. Too big letters in the text screens of Debian install! Many cannot be 
> read easily. Is there any way of reducing console font size?

Use the newer boot images for woody, instead of the potato ones.

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