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swap / ufs / font

Hi, three questions arisen from my first attempt to install a Debian 
system on an E-250:

1. There is a SunOS 5.7 installed. Is it safe to share the swap 
partition between Debian and SunOS? i.e. Should I format that partition 
as "Linux swap" during the install process? (Ultralinux FAQ says YES, 
but I'd calm if someone confirms!)

2. How reliable is at present the Linux kernel UFS read/write support? 
Can I share the "/export/home - /home" partition? (again, Ultralinux FAQ 
states there's no problem, but I've seen several warnings elsewhere)

3. Too big letters in the text screens of Debian install! Many cannot be 
read easily. Is there any way of reducing console font size?

Thank you very much in advance.



If it can help, my partition table is like this:

Part. Label      Size (GB)
----- -----      ---------
  0    root        0.5
  1    swap        2
  2    backup     16
  3    unassigned  0
  4    unassigned  0
  5    unassigned  2
  6    usr         2
  7    home       10

My idea is to install Debian / in slice 5, and use SunOS swap and home 
if possible. Else, I'd split the 2 GB of slice 5 among slices 3, 4 and 5 
(for Debian /, swap and /home). Any suggestion will be highly 
appreciated :-)
Many thanks again.

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