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Re: Netra X1 boot getting closer

Richard Mortimer writes:
 > Yes I had a quick go with that but it hasn't been made big endian/64
 > bit aware. I've done a bit of work to do this but have really been
 > concentrating my efforts on the tulip driver.


 >  > The dmfe in the X1 is identified as a Davicom 9102 on boot, it doesn't say
 >  > DM9102(A) though.
 > The tulip driver reports it as a DM9102(A) I guess that is probably
 > telling the truth but you never know.
 > As for getting things to work on a Netra-X1 I have am able to get to
 > full multiuser mode (Suse-7.1) but have no network so that makes it
 > quite difficult to do things at present. I've still got a few issues
 > with the realtime clock (it always seems to report year as 2000) but
 > the network is my main priority at the moment.

Have you been in contact with Jeff Garzik, the tulip maintainer?
He can certainly assist you.

David S. Miller

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