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Re: Sparc audio

Futher elaborating...

I can pipe some files to /dev/audio on the JS, and I will get some audio
static.  Usually it stops.  Perhaps there can be come byte sequences that
pause the audio, etc?

More immediatly, the problem is in even decoding an mp3.

using splay3 from the debian distribution, even doing something like:

splay -d out.raw song.mp3

will result in "bus error".

similar results occure with mp3blaster.

This isn't just on the Javastation, but on an IPX too.

I start to wonder if anyone tests this stuff.  Perhaps it only works on
certain model sparcstations, but this isn't mentioned in the Man page if
it's true ;(

 -- noah silva

On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, SparcLinux Mailing list wrote:

> I have been having problems getting audio to work on my Javastation
> JS-1.  To tell the truth, I have never gotten audio to work on ANY of my
> sparcstations.
> I am running an UltraLinux 2.2.x krnel on the JS.
> When I try to use SPLAY to play an mp3file, I get a bus error.
> mp3 blaster, and other players have a similar reaction.
> any ideas what could be causing this?
> When I try to pipe random files into /dev/audio, usually no sound is
> heard, but no error is reported.  Once, upon CTRL-Cing such an activity, I
> briefly heard static.
> -- noah silva

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