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Re: Debian Install boot disks/cds on headless boxen

On Sat, Jun 16, 2001 at 06:15:38PM -0700, Justin Guyett wrote:
> This is mainly for sparcs, though I would imagine it applies to all
> architectures (perhaps embedded arm/x86 systems with one or two serial
> ports).
> netra t1s have only two serial ports, absolutely no video device or
> anything else.  The menu-based installation is made useless for anyone who
> isn't very experienced in debian installation by the constant init
> messages about the failure to start a process in a 3rd tty.  This is with
> the 2.2r3 cd set (really only the first cd), presumably the same problem
> exists on the boot floppy images.
> perhaps wait instead of respawn (presuming that's a solution; I haven't
> looked at the inittab so I don't know exactly what debian boot-cds do in
> that 3rd tty, or whether it's critical or not, though it shouldn't be.

That's very interesting since I specifically tested these images on
serial consoles. Unless something changed in potato boot-floppies that I
wasn't aware of (which is entirely possible).

Could you try the images here:



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