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Debian Install boot disks/cds on headless boxen

This is mainly for sparcs, though I would imagine it applies to all
architectures (perhaps embedded arm/x86 systems with one or two serial

netra t1s have only two serial ports, absolutely no video device or
anything else.  The menu-based installation is made useless for anyone who
isn't very experienced in debian installation by the constant init
messages about the failure to start a process in a 3rd tty.  This is with
the 2.2r3 cd set (really only the first cd), presumably the same problem
exists on the boot floppy images.

perhaps wait instead of respawn (presuming that's a solution; I haven't
looked at the inittab so I don't know exactly what debian boot-cds do in
that 3rd tty, or whether it's critical or not, though it shouldn't be.


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