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Xfree86-4.03 on SUN LX: help

       I just upgrade XFree86 on a Sun LX to version 4.03. Now I got a
problem: the X server just dont starts. I suspect this is because my
XF86Config-4 file was wrong. Actually I don't know how to build this
file; I just copy the file from another machine (a clone of SUN SS20
actually) which in fact I got from some one in this list. I suspect the
"device" section is wrong and possibly the "monotor" section too.
       I would appreciate if some one can provide me a working
XF86Config-4 file for this machine (a Sun LX) or at least what driver
the server needs.
       Reverting to the old Xsun work fine, but not in the "indirect"
mode. Actuallly I use this machine as an X terminal, by lauching the

/etc/X11/X -indirect `hostname` &

after having started xdm (with the local server line in the file
/etc/X11/xdm/Xserver comented out to avoid xdm starting X on the local
machine). This setup has worked nicely before, but now no longer work,
perhaps because of the incompatibility between xdm-4.0.3 and the old
Xsun (XFree86-3.3.6). I am hoping that the problem would go away when
I have suceeded to install the XFree86-4.03 server. Anyhow, if any one
has experience with launching X in the indirect mode, I would be glad
to learn.

By the way, I am upgrading to the new server especially to get more
(type 1) fonts. The old server refuse to work with abiword, because it
doesn't have the adequate fonts (it seems).


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