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Re: XFS on UltraSparc

On Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 11:07:17AM -0400, Jim Crilly wrote:
> I have Debian unstable running on a UltraSparc1 and I wanted to see if I could 
> get XFS working on it which went ok. This isn't really a XFS specific question, 
> so keep reading =)
> The filesystem itself works, but I felt ambitious and wanted to get ACLs and 
> EAs working from userspace, from what the XFS developers told me all I should 
> have to do is add syscall numbers for the appropriate architecture. I also 
> think I got this working right, but I had a few questions.
> 1) Since I'm running on an UltraSparc do I need to touch the files in 
> arch/sparc or just arch/sparc64? Same for include/asm-sparc and include/asm-
> sparc64?

They will need to be added to sparc64.

> 2) I add the syscall entries to include/asm-sparc64/unistd.h and 
> arch/sparc64/kernel/systbls.S and update NR_SYSCALLS in 
> arch/sparc64/kernel/entry.S and I should be done right?

The main thing you need to remember is that the syscalls will be part of
the 32/64 translation. Make sure there aren't any pointers being passed,
and such. Check sys_sparc32.c for more info on how to handle special

> The only real problem I'm running into is some of the utilities, like 
> xfs_repair are getting SBus errors, any tips on trying to clear these up? 
> Thanks,

I got that too when I tried XFS on sparc64. Seems there's an alignment
issue somewhere. Can't really try to track it down till the syscall
issue gets fixed.

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