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Re: Installing debian on a SunBlade 100

Hi Ben,

> > - can I allready install an X server for the base Mach64 card (and how) ?
> Add this to /etc/apt/sources.list to get a working set of X packages for
> ATI hardware:
> deb     http://auric.debian.org/~bcollins xfree86/

Done. The installation of the X packages for ATI is done. Now, I can start X, but :

- the display is very bad (lot of "garbage on it", like if another program write on
  the video memory). I think it's the same problem as for the text mode. (yes, I have
  disabled the option "accel".

- I don't known how to configure the mouse. It's a USB mouse. (I also have an USB
  mouse on a Dell Laptop, with kernel 2.4.4, and all is OK. For this, I have to load
  the mousedev module, but it is not present on the Ultra kernel (2.4.5-sun4u_9_sparc).
  Must I make my own kernel ?)

If you have a X86Config-4 sample file, I will be very happy.

> > - there are lot of "garbage" on the screen (some group of pixels ramdomly on,
> >   changing when I do a <CRTL-L>)
> Try upgrading to a newer kernel. This package was built yesterday, if
> you want to use it instead.
> http://incoming.debian.org/kernel-image-2.4.5-sun4u_9_sparc.deb

I have updated, but no change.

Thanks for your help, and for your work on Debian GNU/Linux for SPARC.

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