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Re: Unimplemented SPARC system call 140

On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 10:49:29PM +0200, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> Hi!
> I have seen this has been talked before on other lists, but a long time ago,
> for other kernels and other machines, so I'm wondering why do I get this
> if I'm using debian's 2.2.19 kernel, on a ultrasparc machine.

You can ignore these on 2.2.x kernels. It's an artifact of LFS support
in the newest glibc. Basically it tries to use LFS syscalls first, and
then falls back to non LFS syscalls. The LFS syscalls does not exist on
2.2.x kernels, which is ok.

FYI, LFS is Large File Support, for 64bit access to files.


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