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Re: Mozilla on sparc

Web browsers (nowadays) are total pigs.  If you have a really hot
Ultra, it _might_ run acceptably.  On a Sun4m, it's unusable, as
you've noticed.  Thank M$ and Netscape for all the bloatware that's
ended up in there while they were assuming everyone has 1 Ghz

I'm waiting for Opera to be ported to Sparclinux before I do any
browsing from my SS20 that doesn't involve lynx.


On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Janine Restis wrote:
> My Mozilla is not just slow. Image you click on something (not
> necessarily in the web, but also the task buttons). Then you _hear_
> something is happening, but... then you have to wait about 30-60 seconds
> to _see_ what it's doing. That's not really usable...
> Janine

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