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Re: building compressed kernel

On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 04:44:40PM +0200, Tim ter Laak wrote:
> Hello,
> At last I managed to build a cross gcc intel -> sparc. I did succeed in
> building a kernel (I haven't tried to boot it yet), but only an
> uncompressed one. make vmlinuz, zImage or bzImage didn't work, which makes
> sense because for sparc they're not listed in any Makefile.
> However, it must be possible to make compressed kernels, since potato
> seems to include compressed kernels (vmlinuz-...). 
> Does anyone on the list know how to make compressed sparc kernels?
> Tim.
> P.S. The kernel I made is a 2.2.18, and has already been converted to
> a.out.

gzip -c vmlinux > vmlinuz

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