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Xsun and multiscreen configuration

  I'm not sure this is the proper list to send this, but I really see no
  other place.

  Well, I'm desperately trying to set up a multiheaded configuration on
  my Ultra 10 running potato, but I have been totally unable to find any
  documentation on how to do this ! In fact, XFree 3 documentation about
  "usual" X servers (else than Xsun) states that this is not
  implemented, and that I have to use XFree 4.

  My hardware is:

  fb0: Creator 3D at 000001fc00000000 type 51 DAC 10
  fb1: ATY Mach64 frame buffer device on PCI

  And I am running potato's standard 2.2.18pre21 with XFree 3.3.6-11potato15.

  If anyone here having already set up such a thing before could just send
  me a link to some documentation about this (I'm a newbie with multiheaded
  configurations), or even a proper XF86Config file (damn ! Is Xsun using
  this file or not ?)

  Thank you very much

Thomas Seyrat.

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