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Re: Boot problem on a Sparc 2

On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 09:44:46AM -0500, John Turnbull wrote:
> Hi: I have managed to install Debian 2.2r2 potato on a Sparc 2 that I
> plan to use as an ntp timeserver. However, during the install, the step
> for making a boot floppy failed and the system will now not boot
> directly.
> >From a cold start I get:
>   Boot device: /sbus/esp@0, 800000/sd@3,0 File and args:
>   The file just loaded does not appear to be executable
>   Type b (boot), c (continue), or n (new command mode)

I can't be sure by what you sent, but am I correct in assuming that you
have /dev/sda1 as /boot and /dev/sda4 as / ?

If that's so, then you need some magic to make it work since SILO
actually uses the files on the partition at boot, and absolute to the
partition (not the whole filesystem like you see it at boot time).

If you do have a seperate /boot, then do this

mv /etc/silo.conf /boot
ln -s /boot/silo.conf /etc/silo.conf
ln -s . /boot/etc
ln -s . /boot/boot

That _should_ work. It's been awhile since i did this. There is a more
correct way, but it gets confusing, and this was easiest for me. After
this run "silo -f" to make sure your boot block gets installed

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