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SparcStation 1 w/ Debian boot prob.

This isn't strictly a Debian issue, but I can't track down the relevant
info anywhere on the Net. 

I've got a Sun4c SPARCstation, and a fairly straightforward problem. I
can't boot the bastard.

I can get to the SCSI CD drive, walk all the way through the Debian
installation no problem. When I get to the very end, it closes down
and restarts the machine and I get a stream of "boot, continue, new
command ..." on the screen, and no typing anything in.

Resetting the boot gets me right back where I was - sd(0,0,0) not
responding. I can still boot off the CD, the CD runs throught the install
fine, I can't get into Debian after that for the life of me.

Any ides?

Mike Hoye

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