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Re: Netra X1

* Adam McKenna <adam@debian.org> [010323 14:14]:
> I just managed to pick up a Netra X1, and of course I'd like to install
> Debian on it.  The only problem is that as far as I know, this server won't
> run Linux at all.  Does anyone know who's working on kernel support for these?
> The box is getting colo'd soon and I'd be happy to give a (solaris 8) shell
> to anyone interested in helping with Linux support on these.

The developers working on it are Peter Jones (at RH) and myself.  Peter
has a Sun Blade 100, and I have an AX1105-500 ... and while neither are
an X1, all three machines are quite similar with the slightest of
differences.  For the most part, getting one of them to work will be
getting the other two to work as well.

And yeah, I'd be interested in an account so I can prod it a bit for
information (or you can just run a few commands for me).

> The Ethernet controllers are Davicom DM9102, I don't know much about the
> other hardware (dmesg on solaris is kind of sparse.)

Hmm... that's a new one... not what the SB100 or AX1105 have...

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