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Install problem on a Sparc 2

I am attempting to install potato on a Sparc 2 (64M Ram, 410M HD). I am
using the rescue floppy and the root floppy and getting the rest via nfs
from a local machine. My background is Linux - mostly RedHat/Mandrake on
i386 architecture machines.

9/10ths of the install seems to go fine, but I cannot make a boot floppy
and the hard drive boot setup seems to fail.

Now I suspect that I may have done the fdisk thing wrong and hosed the
first cylinder (which I now  understand is not good on a Sun).

Originally, I had a 8M /boot partition starting at 0 and the  a 64M swap
and the rest as  /.

Then I tried 8M /boot starting at 1, then 64 M swap and the rest /.

Did I need to do something to 'unhose' the first cylinder?

What reasons are there for failure to make a boot floppy (I did try two
different new floppies).  John T

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