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Re: port forwarding with ssh/woody

Olivier Bornet <Olivier.Bornet@puck.ch> wrote:
> Seem a lot of problem with the network. For example :
> home:obornet 595% telnet home smtp
> Trying
> telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: No buffer space available
> home:obornet 596% 
> home:obornet 596% telnet localhost smtp
> Trying
> This last command hang undefinitly...
> Also, I'm not sure : when I do a lsmod, no module are loaded.
> Strange...
> And in /var/log/kern.log (and messages and syslog), I have 
> messages like :
> Mar 21 00:51:59 home kernel: neighbour table overflow
This is a bad kernel/network driver problem. 
Last I saw these it was a long time ago.
Perhaps a search on the list archives might help ?

If this is a new problem with recent sparc kernels, then
just ignore me and forget this post...


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