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Re: howto setup an install server..

"DREIER Frédéric" <dreif34@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Thx Ben, it works when I include ip in boot command.
> Now I try to setup the bootp instead of the above solution (more easy for 
> users).
> - I started bootpd (bootptab), nfs-sever, etc.
> - I just boot using "boot net"
> .. Linux boot, but don't make any bootp request, and stop when trying to 
Hmm...  I think the only way to boot Sparcs is by using
rarp and bootparamd.
Therefore, on your bootserver install rarpd, bootparamd, tftpd and nfsd.
Compile a sparc kernel with autoconfig and nfsroot enabled in the
network options. Then make it so that the tftp request finds the kernel.
(i.e. arrange a symlink in /tftpboot )



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