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Re: Security fixes for libXaw derivatives still not in potato-updates

If anybody cares...

I wrote:

> What I'll do:
>    1. Open a grave bug against nextaw (not building on sparc/potato,
>       and add sparc to the list of arches needing to build nextaw). We
>       shouldn't have packages that cannot be rebuilt in the archive.
>    2. Since these package fix a security risk, and despite 1, these
>       packages will be moved to incoming tonight.
>    3. Draft an updated security advisory, and forward it to the powers
>       that be.

 => 1. Bug as been opened, #90402.

 => 2. Packages have been moved to potato-proposed-updates today.

 => 3. The draft advisory has been sent to security@d.o.

I'm now waiting for someone to move the packages to security.d.o and
to send the advisory to security-announce@d.o.


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