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Re: Potato->Woody

On Mon, Mar 12, 2001 at 04:38:16PM +0900, Ragga Muffin wrote:
> Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> wrote:
> > On Fri, Mar 09, 2001 at 02:38:25PM +0900, Ragga Muffin wrote:
> > > - Are there any issues with 2.4.x on sun4m ?
> > A few, but you don't need kernel 2.4.x to run woody.
> 2.4.2-ac18 would not compile on sparc/woody . Do other
> 2.4.x kernels compile fine ?

You probably want the CVS source from vger.samba.org

> > > - Any caveats with reiserfs ?
> > Yeah, it does not work on sparc (only works on i386, and maybe alpha by
> > now).
> Well, reiserfs, iptables and a better vm/mm were my hopes with 2.4.x. 
> Guess I'll wait for now.

I doubt we'll ever see reiser on sparc anytime soon. Depending on your
needs you may want to check out jfs, xfs and ext3. I use ext3 mainly for
the large RAID's so the fsck time is gone. You may want performance,
which would take xfs or jfs (never used either one).

> The potato->woody dist-upgrade went mostly fine. Apart from setting up XF4
> it was a breeze. (kudos to all!)


> However, at boot I now get these messages (2.2.19pre16):
> Adding Swap: 65396k swap-space (priority -1)
> cp[171]: Unimplemented SPARC system call 69
> chown[206]: Unimplemented SPARC system call 35
> mv[209]: Unimplemented SPARC system call 69
> portmap[231]: Unimplemented SPARC system call 87
> automount[272]: Unimplemented SPARC system call 69
> ps[274]: Unimplemented SPARC system call 69
> They don't seem to be fatal though, any idea ?

Just ignore them. This is a LFS enabled system. Those syscalls are the
libc trying to execute LFS syscalls, which the 2.2.x kernel's don't
support. It falls back to the normal syscalls though.

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