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Re: Problems with X

Ruben Aquino Luna <ruben@conga.super.unam.mx> wrote:

> xdm is working OK. At the xdm prompt I can login as root but not as normal
> user. I mean, xdm accepts the password for all users, but for a
> normal user, after accepting it, xdm is restarted. It's the same if I
> login in text mode:

> $ startx
> There's no problem if I do it as root, but when I do it as normal user, X
> doesn't starts up.

Your problem seems to be that a window manager doesn't start up, therefore
you get kicked back to the xdm prompt (or console).

Have you checked .xsession-errors in your home dir ?

Things to try 1:
 - log into the console as a normal user. 
 - # mv .xsession .xsession-old
 - # mv .xinitrc .xinitrc-old
 - startx

Things to try 2:
 - log into the console as a normal user. 
 - cat > .xsession
   exec /usr/bin/x-window-manager
 - startx

If either doesn't work, then your system-wide settings 
in /etc/X11 are probably messed up.
Since X works as root, have a look at root's home
dir and the .x files in there. (see also startx(1), xdm(1), Xsession(5))



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