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Re: subnetting network

>>>>> "John" == John F Scipione <jscipio@rochester.rr.com> writes:
    John> connector.  However I have trancievers that convert the AUI
    John> to UTP and I have a hub.  I setup a seperate subnet
    John> ( and they can ping each other on that network,
    John> but cannot ping any computer on the coaxial network
    John> (  I have setup a linux box (not the internet
    John> router, another computer) with both a coaxial card and a utp
    John> card in it to serve as a gateway.  On the coaxial network,
    John> my gateway's address is, and on the utp network,
    John> the ip address is  The IP address of the
    John> internet gateway is on the coaxial side and I am
    John> not going to say the internet IP for security reasons (don't
    John> want crackers telneting into my network =)).  Anyway, how do
    John> I route so that computers on the network can
    John> ping computers on the network and vice-versa;
    John> how do I route the internet so that I can route it to both
    John> the network and the network?  The
    John> router is using ipchains to route the internet packets to
    John> the networks.

Sparcs need 

        route add default gw
machines on co-ax need

        route add gw
        route add default gw

the internet router needs to accept packets from both &
192.168.0./24 on the co-ax interface and masquarade them to the
outside world

Configuring this so it all happens every reboot is left as an exercise
for the reader.


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