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Re: ypbind failure

On Thu, Oct 12, 2000 at 07:09:23PM +0200, marbud@gbg.dimension.se wrote:
> Hi!
> I ran into some nasty problem this morning.. I did a "apt-get
> dist-upgrade" on my woody installation. Now ypbind is unable to talk
> to our NIS server. 

Did you try restarting NIS on the local machine? The libc6 upgrade could
affect this.

> I know i should blame myself for running woody on a machine i need to
> work with, so thats not the issue.. But where do i get information
> about bugs in woody? The bug database seems to only address the stable
> distro.

The BTS is all encompasing. IOW, it does not discern bug reports based on
the version of Debian you are running.

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