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Re: Anyone know any sparc kernel tricks?

* Matt Rose <mattrose@folkwolf.net> [001010 08:43]:
> Hmm, OK.  I'll try test9, and see if that works any better then...
> The original reason I was upgrading to 2.4 was that the 2.2.17 that I
> got with potato is extremely flakey on the sun4c platform that I have.
> Does anyone have any kernels that work well with the SS2, that don't
> die after a day?

Err, uhh... umm... you *don't* want to be playing with a 2.4 kernel
on a sun4c right now... support for them is broken, and it's known
to be broken.

I'd say that your best hope is to build your own 2.2.x kernel,
perhaps snarfing the latest 2.2 from vger.samba.org ...

Good luck. :)

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