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Re: Hardware support

On Mon, Oct 02, 2000 at 09:25:19AM -0700, Stephen Zander wrote:
> >>>>> "Sergio" == Sergio Gaston Fourcade <- SUN Argentina <Gaston.Fourcade@argentina.sun.com>> writes:
>     Sergio> Hi!: I'm working in the pre-sales area in Sun Microsystems
>     Sergio> Argentina and I'd like to know what sparc hw is supported
>     Sergio> in yours Linux Distribution as weall as with what family
>     Sergio> of Machines was tested the O.S. (E250, E220, E420, EX500,
>     Sergio> E10k, etc).  I will apreciate your time to responde my
>     Sergio> question.  Txs in advance.
> All of the sun4u SBUS systems with the exception of the E10000 have
> been tested.  The sun4u PCI systems should also work but I don't know
> if any of them have been tested.

Pretty much everything but E10k has been tested (sun4u). To be honest, a
distributions hardware "support" is defined more by the kernel that what
the distribution does. IOW, we support whatever the kernel supports. Our
current (just released) 2.2 version is based on Linux Kernel 2.2.17.

As for the sun4[cdm] line, we seem to not work well with ss2, but all
others work in one form or another (with the exception of some of those
laptops like tadpole, I think).


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