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Re: Hardware support

>>>>> "Sergio" == Sergio Gaston Fourcade <- SUN Argentina <Gaston.Fourcade@argentina.sun.com>> writes:
    Sergio> Hi!: I'm working in the pre-sales area in Sun Microsystems
    Sergio> Argentina and I'd like to know what sparc hw is supported
    Sergio> in yours Linux Distribution as weall as with what family
    Sergio> of Machines was tested the O.S. (E250, E220, E420, EX500,
    Sergio> E10k, etc).  I will apreciate your time to responde my
    Sergio> question.  Txs in advance.

All of the sun4u SBUS systems with the exception of the E10000 have
been tested.  The sun4u PCI systems should also work but I don't know
if any of them have been tested.


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