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Re: SPARCserver-1000

* Taco IJsselmuiden <taco@alliantis.com> [000830 02:18]:
> > Now I am making proposal to change a SPARCserver-1000
> > from Solaris to Potato.
> > Is anyone ever successfully run sparclinux on SPARCserver?
> yep.
> running potato on a Sparc Server 670 MP.
> TYPE: Sun4m SparcSystem600
> installation is just the same nice and easy method as with all the other
> potato-installs ;)))

Umm... a SPARCserver 670 is a sun4m... a SPARCserver-1000 is a sun4d.
There are no promises with that sun4d of yours.

To the best of my knowledge, none of the SPARC/Linux kernel hackers
currently have access to any sun4d machines.  If you can spare time on
that machine for development purposes, it might help things out.

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