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Re: SV: Sound in Potato

-> -> # ls -la /dev/dsp
-> crw-rw----    1 root     audio    14,  3 Aug 3 17:20 /dev/dsp
-> -> # ls -la /dev/audio
-> crw-rw----    1 root     audio    14,  4 Aug 3 17:20 /dev/audio

Are you in the audio group?  Else just add rw to the devices (chmod 766
/dev/dsp /dev/audio).   If this is not the problem, then: are you sure
your kernel was compiled to support audio?  This should appear at booting

  Ahh, yes, it is a bit of a nightmare... I had to suffer with this also
and interestingly, the device dsp doesn't work as it should...

Yes, I am in the audio group.

One update to the situation: if I modprobe audio.o and cs4231.o - just to be sure I have sound support - and I run mp3blaster, for example, on the console (without X running or anything), I get a bus error... And mp3blaster aborts, of course...

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