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Re: Sound in Potato

Hello debian-sparc do you copy???

I sent twice an email with just the same question that Afonso Infante has.
But my machine is an Ultra 1 170. I had sound when it was running
Redhat 6.2 2 weeks ago, but with Debian i cant make it work (sound).
I have remade de devs with the correct major and minor numbers and
permisions but nothing happens with the potato out of the box
kernel+modules (cs4231) or my self compiled 2.2.17pre20+modules. I
compared everything with my SS5 that is still running Redhat 6.2. Even a
cat of a wav file to /dev/dsp doesnt work, and the same file in my SS5
worked fine (cat to /dev/dsp).
I think the Ultra 10 has uses the same module (cs4231).

thanks for any help

Alejandro Arrieta Rios

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Afonso Infante wrote:

>   Hello all!
> I've installed Debian 2.2 on a Sun Ultra 10 workstation, kernel 2.2.17, 
> and I get no sound. The devices are there, but if I start any sound 
> application, I get no sound (the actual error message depends on the 
> application, of course). It's like the hardware isn't actually there...
> Is this normal (and I'm missing something) or is something broken in the 
> kernel/distribution/somewhere?
> Best regards,
> AI
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