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Re: tfp installing an ELC

Jean-Paul Blaquiere wrote:
> I pulled my ELC out of hibernation recently and tried to re-install debian 2.2
> on it.  Using the 2000-08-03 disk set, I get a wierd error while trying to
> boot via tftp.
> RARP and tftp server is set up correctly.
> at the openprom prompt I type "boot net"
> and it sucks down the tftp image okay.
> then it says:
> Watchdog reset
> Window underflow
> any ideas?

The watchdog reset implies that you have a possible 
hardware problem. This can be for instance not having the 
largest SIMMS in the first bank, or mixed SIMMS in the
same bank. You could try to cycle the power, and then
try again, or use 'test ...' on the OpenPROM.



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