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Re: Sound on U10?

In article <EMEDJIBPEDKHJEBIPEMNCENECAAA.i.soriano@pop.ruhr.de>,
	i.soriano@pop.ruhr.de ("Iggi") writes:
> The SYMBIOS SCSI controller was formerly known as NCR 8XX. So therefor
> if I correctly understand the HW compatibility list, it should be
> supported under Linux, but I will not be able to boot from it if I
> have no OBP firmware on that.

The PROM of U5 has support for symbios SCSI controllers, at least for
875/876 chips. Solaris has support for the 810a so it might be supported
by the PROM too. You should be able to boot from them (just pull out any
bios on the SCSI cards).

(the bigger SUNs with PCI (E250, E450) have an Symbios/ncr 875 or 876 on


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