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Sound on U10?

Hello SPARC friends,

first of all thx for the replies according PC HW support under L/SPARC. The
ISDN adapter I mentioned before is the famous AVM Fritz card, where AVM has
recently released a CAPI 2.0 subsystem for Linux and is very well supported
with the HiSax drivers on X86 architecture. The SYMBIOS SCSI controller was
formerly known as NCR 8XX. So therefor if I correctly understand the HW
compatibility list, it should be supported under Linux, but I will not be
able to boot from it if I have no OBP firmware on that.

Back to my sound problem, lsmod seems to show me that the cs4231 is loaded
but running stuff like play blabla.wav returns:

sox: Invalid audio buffer size 0

This is my lsmod result:

		(Used by)
audio		[cs4231]

Sometimes it is really hard to be a L/SPARC user according to the great
challenges we encounter, but maybe we are "different" for that.

thx and grtx


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