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Requesting a build of non-free libforms0.89 available on ftp-master


This is just in case that sparc autobuilders don't pick-up
non-free packages automagically (Do they?).

Up to now, there was no libforms0.89 for sparc, and no glibc2.1
version of that library at all for sparc (either 0.88 or 0.89).
This lead to a buggy version of lyx on sparc (and no lyx package
for Debian on sparc at all).

I have just uploaded a libforms0.89_0.89-8 source package to
ftp-master that will build on sparc.  If the auto-builders won't
pick it up, please build it and then install it to build the
latest version of lyx as well (current lyx_1.1.4-7 from

Thanks very much,

Peter Galbraith

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