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window manager follies,etc.


As things now stand, I have potato on my Classic.
Thanks again to all who offered advice on this.
I have two questions at this point; which window
manager is most happy with the 8bpp framebuffer,
and is it possible to get the sparc mailing list
archived on a monthly basis?

Regarding the first question, I have tried to
use sawfish, but it seems to want more colour
depth.  Cgoban complains that another app is
using too many colours when launched, even if it
is the only app running.  Any advice from the
other users out there with Classics?

Now for the second question.  Perusing the
archives at 28.8 is a painfully slow process,
which uses a substantial amount of my purchased
connection time.  Being able to grab tarballs
would allow me to peruse the mail at my leisure
when dowloaded and unpacked in my ~/dump
directory.  I would think that I'm not the only
person in this predicament...

Thanks in advance.

Mike Pfleger

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