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Potato: XSunMono 3.3.6-9 & bwtwo don't work

Hi there,

the XSunMono x server doesn't work correctly here...
When I start it, I first get the blank white screen and then a horribly
squeezed Debian logo..but nothing more. If I then switch back to the text
console there is a "segmentation fault" message.
I guess this is an x server issue, I have some other Suns with an
identical configuration which works like a charm... :)) (But the other
machines do NOT use the XsunMono server, but Xsun!)
All the boxes get their filesystems via NFS and the X server is started
via inittab with an "-indirect" query. 
The XsunMono server which came with Slink worked well, so I don't believe
it's a hardware fault. And yes, the /dev/sunmouse device is there...

Can this be a device file issue?

Any clues?


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