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Re: ntp hangs...


At 02:54 PM 7/11/2000 -0500, Uwe Muench wrote:


 > >[ntp hangs...]
 > >  > Hangs for ever or 2 minutes?  If the latter, replace the hostnames in
 > >  > ntp.conf with the IP numbers, it is the DNS lookup that is "hanging".
 > >
 > >Hangs for ever...
 > Ummmmmm.
 > How do you know it is ntp that hangs?  Does removing ntp from the startup
 > help?  Moving it to S99 help?

Yes, removing 'ntp' from the startup helped (of course, ntp isn't
running any more...). Everything else is working fine...

The same happens when I just want to upgrade: During the configuration
of the ntp package it hangs. Yes, it still hangs after an hour... I
can interrupt it with Ctrl-C, and then everything else gets configured
just fine (besides xntp3, since it depends on ntp), and I get the
message that for the two packages (ntp and xntp3) there were errors
encountered while processing...


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